Solving Clinician Challenges with Your Offer

Season #2

Solving Clinician Challenges with Your Offer, Clinical Consults vs. Product Pitches

Have you ever heard the phrase: Telling is not Selling? As a business coach, I have lots of experience watching people attempt to sell to clinicians. And too many people are ‘selling by telling’!

This podcast is for you if you have something to offer dentists, physicians, or any healthcare clinician.

We’ll discuss specific ways to improve your “Presentation”, “Sales Call” or “Discovery Session”.

You already know that these are HIGH IMPACT meetings with potential buyers.  So, it’s super important that every second of this interaction is optimized for creating lots of value to build trust and elevate your credibility and ultimately…yes, earn a new customer.

So check out this episode to discover the biggest mistake made selling to clinicians and how to stand out as a trusted advisor.

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