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Who is a Dental Industry Insider?

An Insider is a seeker of excellence.
An Insider is a Dental Entrepreneur or Dental Sales Pro who strives to strengthen their skills, knowledge, and expertise to support the clinicians and patients they serve.
Insiders are committed to delivering superior value to elevate the dental industry!
Most dental sales pros and entrepreneurs are not making the money they desire or deserve.
We can change that.

You'll learn how to spot the high potential prospects and increase your personal productivity, creating more customers and more money.
If you’ve tried all of the self-help tools and are ready to up level your life, your results, and your income, you are in the right place. We offer several options to help you reach your growth goals.

Dental Industry Insider MASTERMINDS 

The Dental Industry Insider MASTERMINDS provides group coaching with like-minded industry professionals committed to excellence.

  1.  Do you want better results faster?
  2.  Are you seeking a community of leaders like you?
  3.  Do you believe that group training expands and accelerates learning?
The Dental Industry Insider MASTERMINDS six month program features the core competencies required for peak performance. We offer two different MASTERMINDS—SM3 for sales managers, BAMM for small business owners selling to dentists.

Sales Manager MASTERMIND (SM³)

The Sales Manager MASTERMIND program is for Sales Managers.

In this MASTERMIND program, you will:
• Build your management skills
• Learn to manage, lead, and develop sales people
• Strengthen your ability to influence and inspire others
• Discover how to measure, manage, and improve performance
SM3 removes the frustration of figuring it out, and failing.
Not all sales representatives have the necessary skills to be an effective sales manager. This program is for emerging sales managers. SM3 will help you develop management skills to accelerate sales.
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The Business Acceleration MasterMIND

 Do you own your own business, but can’t seem to get the results you want?
Are you an entrepreneur working harder...but want to work smarter?
Has your business plateaued and stopped growing?

The Dental Industry Insider Business Acceleration MASTERMIND (BAMM) is for dental business owners to support each other while learning to grow their businesses.
You will save time through trial and error and reduce costly mistakes. Stop spinning in confusion. Let me help you get on the right track—the FAST track—to a thriving business.
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Dental Industry Insider SALES SCHOOL

  For dental professionals, by dental professionals, selling to dental professionals

Are you new to the dental industry?
Have you just joined a new company?
Do you have skill gaps that need filling?
Are you an emerging entrepreneur?
The Dental Industry Insider SALES SCHOOL (DIISS) is for clinicians, consultants, and coaches who want better results.
DIISS is the place for:

Entrepreneurs selling to dental professionals
Consultants dissatisfied with current results
Sales professionals new to dentistry
Sales representatives new to their company or role
Clinicians new to sales
The SALES SCHOOL is all meat, no fluff.
This is the SCHOOL for proven strategies on what works, what doesn’t work, when selling to clinicians.
Class topics include:

Getting Through the Gatekeeper to Reach More Dentists
How to Shine Online
Selling Strategies at Trade Shows
Lunch & Learn for Dental Teams
Value First Selling
Three Reasons Customers Don’t Buy
How to Make Anything Better
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One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching is all about you.

• Accelerate your desired trajectory
• Strengthen your skills and expand your potential
• Bring out talents you didn’t know you had
You already know what to do, and probably even how to do it, but having an experienced coach will help you avoid obstacles, get out of your own way, and see possibilities that you never thought possible.
I find that most people have an enormous amount of untapped talent. I’m here to bring that out in you.
Why hire Anita as your coach?
Finding a coach is easy. Finding a coach that gets you results—that’s the trick!
• I have three decades of dental experience.
• I am a clinician, a consultant, and a coach.
• I know the dental industry and why dental professionals buy.
If you seek better results and know you have greater potential, I’m here to get you there. Working with me will save you confusion, frustration, and a whole lot of time.
Reach more doctors - Sell more effectively - Make more money
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"I was able to gain confidence to dream and behave bigger than what I thought was possible... Anita has the tenacity of a bulldog, patience of a saint, and the compassion of an angel."
- Janet Hagerman 
“You’re a Rock Star Coach! Thank you for the useful information. Anita, you are truly a positive inspiration. Thank you for your compassion, dedication, and caring.”
- Jodi Dwornick Antonacci
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Scoreboard Talent Assessments

 Do you understand your selling strengths, skills, and competencies?

As a hiring manager, do you struggle to find high performers who stick around?
Do you know if the talent matches the job?
SCOREBOARDS Talent Assessments is for:

• Individuals who want to develop their strengths to perform better
• Hiring managers who need to ensure the right fit

Most personality tests measure one skill. SCOREBOARDS measures four skills. This service provides an accurate picture of the whole person. It’s like the difference between traditional x-rays and cone beam CT scans. Seeing the whole picture is critical.
SCOREBOARDS Talent Assessments reveals:

How They Sell
Why They Sell
Can They Sell 
Will They Sell 
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