Business Acceleration MasterMind  

December 2, 2022 to May 26, 2023
Weekly on Fridays at 7:00 AM PST

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Deadline to apply - November 9, 2022

Business Acceleration MasterMIND is for dental coaches, consultants and clinicians ready to create impressive results in their business.

Ready to grow a successful business that makes a difference in the Dental industry?

Want a guide to a path that will work so that you can let go of the overwhelming confusion and frustration of trying to build a business through trial and error?

Join us for live training and coaching weekly

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Deadline to apply - November, 9 2022

You Will Learn:

Business & Personal Acceleration: You will become an entrepreneur who knows exactly how to achieve the results you desire in your business and your life.

Community of like-minded, smart, committed small business owners caught up in the same struggles you are!

Proven Path to get you from where you are to where you want to go tailored to your situation, clients and business.

Accountability to create impressive results…even when it’s hard!

Encouragement to cheer you on and provide a ‘warm place to fall’ where others understand exactly what you are going through!

BAMM Coaching Curriculum

Month 1:

Mind Management 

Learn to manage your thoughts to create any result you desire....including a highly successful business. Mindset is a critical skill every founder needs to grow themselves and their company.

Month 2:

Self Management 

Learning to prioritize and execute effectively is the ‘make or break’ skill every business success is built on. You’ll discover ways to support yourself with tools and rituals for the motivation and focus needed to reach your goals.   

Month 3: 

Value First Marketing

 Marketing is helping people for free. You’ll discover how to deliver value so more buyers know, like and trust you more.


Month 4: 

Cultivating Customers

Selling is really about problem solving. It is not closing early and closing often, promotional pitches or lowering your prices. You’ll learn the secrets to serving more customers... without being salesey.

Month 5:

Goal Getting

Hope is not a strategy. Building a business for growth requires a practical and laser focused approach. Together we’ll scale at a comfortable pace and profit you can sustain.


Month 6: 

Money Management

Success intolerance is a big reason small business owners fail. You’ll strengthen your relationship with money, abundance and develop systems that ensure your business is highly profitable.

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