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I help coaches, consultants, and clinicians sell to dentists.

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Every day, you have the opportunity to improve dentists’ practices, procedures, and patient care. Currently, breaking through barriers to reach dentists has been extra tough. And if the business side of dentistry wasn’t tricky enough already, a global pandemic makes reaching providers extra challenging.
You work hard, yet continue to see your true potential just out of reach.


As a dental hygienist, dental sales professional, and small business owner, I get it! I understand the frustration and confusion of building a business or sales territory from scratch. It feels overwhelming, wondering where to focus or which approach to take.
I’ve been where you are, and I want to help.
A better future is waiting.

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Clinician, Top 5%er, Expert in Dental


I am a licensed dental hygienist with over 30 years of industry experience.
I will teach you how to reach more dentists with less drama.
I’ll show you how clinicians think and exactly why and when they buy.
I will teach you how to position your products and services to solve real clinical challenges.
I ranked in the top 5% for every dental company I’ve sold for. Today I run the Dental Industry Insider SALES SCHOOL, teaching hundreds of representatives and small business owners how to succeed selling to dental professionals.
I constantly hear sales consultants and coaches struggling to build their business or frustrated trying to attract new customers.
Does that sound familiar?
Are you getting the results and making the money that you want?
Are you frustrated finding the best path for your time and talent?

"My greatest joy is to coach high potentials to become high performers."

I’ve spent the majority of my career coaching the biggest and brightest in this industry. I want to give you that knowledge. I help coaches, consultants, and clinicians crush their professional and personal goals. If I can teach an established dental company to increase product sales by 119%, I can coach you to build your business.
The results my students create is my greatest pride.
Become an Insider – join the community and let’s work together to elevate the dental industry for better health, better smiles, and a better life!
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