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Anita Sirianni, R.D.H.


Anita Sirianni is a strategic sales coach, known for her problem-solving skills and creative sales strategies. Anita has worked with dental and medical companies throughout North America for over two and a half decades. Today she works with dental coaches, consultants, and clinicians and dental sales professionals.
As a licensed dental hygienist, Anita used her clinical knowledge to rank #1 for every dental company she worked for. She has deciphered the “why & how” of gaining the trust of dentists and their teams. She started The Dental Industry Insider to share her secrets and elevate the value exchange between clinician and consultant.
Today, Anita works with seekers of excellence who sell and serve the dental industry. Through The Dental Industry Insider, Anita shares her expertise and insights with hundreds of industry professionals worldwide.

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"Anita, your Sales SCHOOL for the dental industry is spot on every time. I walk away with more knowledge and understanding that helps me grow my area of business. It helps me tackle the day with confidence. I enjoy that you have so much knowledge in the industry that you train us on. The topics are relevant, up-to-date, and extremely valuable. "
-Sophea S Rodriquez, Territory Manager, Kettenback Dental

"Thank you so much for such a great webinar! You sparked so many ideas and the folks attending had so many great ideas too. Thanks for the lift during these COVID19 times. I’m feeling super-motivated."

-Maureen Sullivan, Co-Founder, PaceMarcom

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